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Colon Cleansers
All chronic diseases are due to the overload of toxins on our organs. These toxins are the result of a horrible diet, environmental factors, stress, and poor lifestyle choices. Most of us do not practice pungent therapy, chew on our food thoroughly, and over-eat. More and more people are working 50 hour work weeks, and are feeling stressed from personal issues. Our lifestyle is a huge reason most of us have a toxic body.
The purpose of cleansing our body is to remove toxins from our body, so we can be healthier, more energized, and not feel sick all the time. Cleansing fights the inner causes of our ailments. Take acne, for example. Putting creams and ointments on our skin is useless in treating acne, because you need to fight it internally. Acne is caused by toxic overloads on our cells. These toxins are trying to escape our body anyway they can, usually through pores. These toxins are the also the reason most of constantly feel sick, or tired.
Even if you don't have any chronic ailments, cleansing for maintenance once a year is important. To keep our digestive and transit system working efficiently, so we can absorb all our necessary nutrients, all of us should cleanse at least once a year for the rest of our lives.
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