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Beautiful, classic incense burners made of wood and metal. Canoes are the most recognized incense burner, but Coffin Incense Burners are also very popular.
10" Ash Catcher
The ash catcher is the most common type of wooden holder for stick incense with a bamboo reed. It's basically a flat piece of wood that curves up at one end. There is a small hole in the curved end that the bamboo reed is inserted in. These holders are also available in aluminum, ceramic, glass, stone and bone. Many of these ash catchers are ornately painted or inlaid with brass.

Price: $0.99
Ash Catcher:
Polyresin Canoe Burner: Hemp Leaf
Beautiful canoe shaped incense burners made of painted polyresin. 10 inches long, with a hole on one end to hold sticks, and a metal circle on the other end to hold cones.
Price: $5.99
Jumbo 19 inch Canoe Incense Burners
A long wooden ashcatcher with decorative inlaid patterns. For burning jumbo 19 inch incense sticks.

Price: $2.99
Box Burner with Storage(Picture for illustration purposes)
A box burner is a versatile ash catcher or boat that often includes an enclosed storage box underneath it. Box burners are typically made of hand-carved wood and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Most are imported from India and include brass hardware and/or decorative elements.
Price: $10.95
Burner with Storage:
Jumbo 18" Coffin Incense Burner
A great wooden incense burner from India. Carved wood with beautiful brass inlay patterns. The top flips open sideways like a coffin, to reveal space to burn extra long incense sticks and cones. It has a compartment for storing extra incense, and also a place to burn cones. 18 inches long.
Price: $14.95
Wooden Tower Incense Burner
Intricate carving and brass inlay decorate this tall incense burner. You can stand a stick up inside, using a hole carved into the base. Then simply set the tower snugly on top to keep the ashes contained. Smoke will drift out through the many holes.
Price: $10.95
Wood and Soapstone Tray Incense Burner
A round incense burner made of wood, with a decorative carved soapstone center. Can burn incense sticks standing up, and cones on the soapstone.
Price: $3.95
Small Brass Burner with screen
Small brass burners, about 1.5 inches high. Can be used for both sticks and cones. Use the screen underneath cones to help circulate air and keep the cone lit.
Price: $3.99
Brass Cone Burner
Cones are designed to burn completely so they should never be burned on unprotected wood. Some wood burners have a metal insert that protects the wood. A wide mouth bowl shaped burner with or without a lid will work great. You'll want it wide enough (about 2-3") to place a lit cone into it without burning your fingers. It should also be deep enough so you can add some sand or ash (about an inch or so) and still have the cone safely nested inside the burner. This will protect it from intense heat and improve the air flow under the cone (helping it to burn all the way through)

Price: $1.00
Brass Cone Burner: